Love is misunderstood

Love is Misunderstood


Love is a sacred feeling and emotion and it’s in different colors. Each color  of love has its own beauty.

letters _heartLike praying and worshipping to Allah is love,

Following the path of His beloved Prophet MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H)  is love

To serve our parents and to show affection and taking care of them is love

The sacred relation between your siblings and understanding them is love

The loyal relationship of care and understanding between a husband and a wife is love

The sincere relationship between friends is love


Love is actually caring about the person who means the most to you and it’s all about sacrifice for someone’s happiness ……………………..

But nowadays the meaning of love is misunderstood by the young generation.

Why is the meaning of love is misunderstood ????


It is because nowadays media is portraying love that it is only existed among two opposite gender and only dating someone and it can only be between a girl and a boy .Love does not means flirting, sending flowers, it is not about impressing someone, and it is not about playing with feelings and hurting someone just to look cool. But unfortunately this is what it means nowadays.

Developing a feeling for someone is normal and totally natural but you should not turn this feeling into so called “ishq” “muhabbat” and also should not go crazy as well . If u feel someone really special for u just follow the straight line e.g. prove yourself and then tell your parents and follow the formal way that is described in our religion and society rules to get bonded.

Because the ways and methods are  used   by the young generation nowadays really no cool and they our wrong I just want to say just analyze  some simple things

Having affair and going on dates  by hiding      from our Parents (Mother and father are two sacred relations which are cause our existence and also they are the  first relationship we get bonded right after our first breath in this world ) is  right or wrong ?

As we all know that sins are done hidden  , thus we just ask it from our inner self that which relationships are compelled to be  hidden form society aren’t they  successful or not in future ?

If some one  does not care about  breaking the trust of his or her parents then how someone  can show their trust onto each other  who doesn’t care about their parents and the boundaries ascribed by the religion and society .


According to me feeling or emotion of love is successful within the defined boundaries of Allah Almighty  commanded us about every relationship in Quran and such relations  go  everlasting  till the last breath in this world.

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